Happyloving &
full of Culture people

Kenya is a peace loving people

We believewe respect &
we are making a changefor the future

Kenya is green Kenya is thinking green

Best of City’s
Arts & Culture

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Kenya Commits to infrastructure

Kenya has proved its commitment to infrastructure

A rich History
Winning Marathons

Kenya has always stands tall on athletics. Running is a culture not a game for us

Recycling & Garbage

Kenya is committed to bringing an end to plastic pollution

Travel & Tourism

Kenya is home to grand national parks and luxury hotel experience

Presidents Speaks
at the UN



to over 50 million kenyans

Cabinet Secretary - Ministry of foreign and Diaspora Affairs

Kenya's Diaspora

This population continues to form an integral part of the Kenyan economy and social fabric. Our government, therefore, intends to engage the Kenyan Diaspora in a more constructive and productive manner to unlock and unleash their full potential.

Goverment services

Your pain is our pain



Dec 12, 2022